Dawn Bramwell

Dawn Bramwell

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Are you looking for books out of the ordinary? Are you seeking a life of calm, strength and inner power? Welcome. My name is Dawn Bramwell and I am an author of transformational novels and a spiritual wellbeing guide.

I describe my novels as transformational as they take the characters, within them, and therefore the reader, on a journey of deep soul discovery. Whether adult or child, we we all have to deal with life changing events. How we respond to these events is unique to us. I explore this in my writing.

When sudden change occurs we may feel disorientated and out of alignment with who we are. This can have a negative effect on our wellbeing. For me, reading and writing have been lifelong passions and a means of coping with my health issues as well being a creative channel for my personal journey of spiritual development. My books all have a psychic element to them.

In my mid fifties, I have decades of experience of chronic ill health, both physical and mental, beginning at the age of nine. My first novel was written in bed as a twenty year old planning my wedding and severely ill with CFS/ME. I have cared for alcoholics and have a deep understanding of bipolar disorder as well as being involved in narcissistic relationships. I also know what it feels like to have your life thrown into confusion when that spiritual call beckons.

I am a qualified wellbeing life coach, sports massage therapist, personal trainer, certified angel guide and attuned Reiki master. My aim is to enrich the lives of others by sharing my writing and my creative wellbeing guidance.

Work with me to discover how to recreate a new version of you. Just as I create the characters in my books, I believe we can all write our own stories. I wish I had known in my twenties, what I know now, or had someone to guide me as I do for others. However, I recognise that I had to walk my pathway to get where I am today.

We all have to do that, but I believe we can make it easier for ourselves if we open up to help at certain times.

You can book taster sessions with me for any of my services, or take advantage of my 12 week programme to delve deep into what you wish to become and make a lasting change in your life.

I am always happy to say hello and have a friendly, no obligation chat! Just fill in the contact details on the appropriate page. I am based in Lancaster but I am able to provide some services on line or mobile.