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Bodii, Dragon Rider

By Dawn Bramwell

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About the book

Fifteen year old Bodii has grown up believing she is the daughter of a common black smith, in the country of the Fair Isles, a land torn apart by civil war. Finding herself an outlaw, Bodii has no choice but to set out on a path away from the life she has known, to a future set out in prophecy from the moment of her birth.

A dragon’s egg has come into her possession and she is determined to see it hatch. Hiding from the King’s Marshall, she ends up in the Ancient Realm, which she thought only existed in fairy tales. Here, Ragnok, a Wolf Warlock, tells Bodii what her future holds.

She sets out on a quest to find the Dark Rider of the North, a man of some ill repute, who according to Ragnok is the only one who can help her. Bodii suffers agonising losses and humiliation, but she continues on her path, accompanied by the now grown dragon, Skoorgth. A bloody battle ensues but Bodii is no black smiths’s daughter, she is Bodii dragon rider and her foes will learn to fear her.

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