Be who you are meant to be

04 . 03 . 24

Be who you are meant to be

This has to be one of the most simple statements and yet the most difficult to attain.

How do you do this? How do we even know who we are meant to be? Part of what makes this so hard is in having to conform to the expectations of others. Then there are the crippling self beliefs that we have imposed upon ourselves, that we can only be a certain way, because that is all we have ever known.

I have learnt in my mid fifties, that I do actually have the power to rewrite the script of my life, and recreate who I am meant to be. And that person, is who I wish to be, on a deep inner soul level. Its not been an easy route, far from it. It meant following the call to walk a spiritual path. It meant leaving a marriage of thirty two years and the security that went with it. It meant a whole new start.

With that new start, there was loneliness and fear. Questions about myself that I did not like the answers to. But I knew by this point that there was no more running from the truth, my truth, whatever that happened to be. I call it, “Looking the ugly in the mirror.” And by this I do not mean the physical, I mean the inner you. Face the ugly, forgive it, and create space for that beautiful new version of yourself.

In all of my books, the main characters undergo huge transformations. Sometimes there are spooky echoes of my own life, events that happen years after writing the books as though my inner voice has known in advance where my soul was taking me. To transform yourself is not easy. In fact it can be brutally painful and messy. Very messy. But through the pain and the mess, there grows something truly beautiful.

A new you.

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