Soul Connection

08 . 01 . 24

Soul Connection

Swans mate for life. As humans we seek that relationship where we feel that our souls are inextricably linked.

To know that we are with the right person- at the right time. To have that almost telepathic connection, the look in the eye, the complete knowing of each other.

But what happens when one person meets who they think is their soul mate, their swan, but the other does not feel the same? There must be a parting and and utter desolation for the one left to go solo. How do they continue when they feel as though part of their very essence has been stripped from them? And how is it possible to feel so deeply attached in the first place?

Past lives, twin flames, karmic bonds? I have experienced all of these. They are perhaps one of the most intense and difficult to comprehend, experiences we may come across. An energetic connection on a different level entirely. But regardless of the spiritual connection we have to exist in this real life version of our reality, whilst this maelstrom of emotions is creating chaos inside.

Whatever has caused the split in our relationships, and whether they have a spiritual connection or not, how we deal with the fall out is what matters. We have a choice. Do we follow our white wolf, that higher aspect of ourselves, or do we feed the grey wolf of bitterness and anger? My novel Daughter of Samhain explores these themes.

I know which path was right for me to take when I experienced the heartbreak of losing who I believed to be my twin flame and karmic connection. It was to learn how to ( very painfully) let go. The more we try and resist the change, as unwanted as it is, the more we hurt ourselves.

Love with your whole heart, love with your whole soul, but if you have to, let go.

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