The importance of One

13 . 05 . 24

The importance of One

They say three is the magic number and I believe this with regard to the law of threefold - that which you create comes back to you three times over, at least!

However something my Mum said to me recently struck a chord about the importance of the number one. Again from a spiritual aspect I follow the concept of oneness in that we are all connected, we are all one.

Mum meant it in a different but equally relevant way. You will know if you are reading this blog that I am an author. Am I successful? In respect of following my dream to write and then do so, yes. Am I successful in receiving many 5 star reviews for my books, yes. Am I successful in that my name is well known and I am on the bestsellers lists? Not yet.

But all it takes is one. One connection , one book to land in the hands of the ‘right person’. One meeting. One conversation. One perfect alignment. One moment in time as they say. Everything begins with one of anything. And with each book that I sell on an individual level, there is one more chance that this may happen.

Mum in her wisdom said this to me when I told her that I had sold another copy of White Wolf Within, in reply to my comment that it was only one. “Yes Dawn, but that is one more book you have sold today that you had not sold yesterday.” She was absolutely right. More than that she was pointing out what I had missed. The potential of that one sale.

If we open our minds to the concept of one small thing having as much importance as the end result, then we at least allow ourselves the opportunity of that which we desire coming to us. We say to ourselves and the universe, yes! We can do this! Yes, we are ready! Yes we believe in what we are doing. Because if we do not believe in what we are doing, then how can we expect others, and the energies of the universe to believe in us?

It only takes one. What will your one be today?

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