The story behind the Storey

05 . 03 . 24

The story behind the Storey

My first book launch took place at the Storey building in Lancaster, my new home town.

I moved here following a huge life change. I had no idea initially when choosing a venue, that this beautiful old building in the heart of the city, had family connections for me, it just felt like the right place, just as moving to Lancaster felt right, as though I was coming home. I was - past life story which I shall keep for another day!

It was a wonderful and dare I say, magical day. People use the phrase, ‘feel the love in the room’, and believe me you could. I was able to share my story of how I became a writer, and a little of what it entails to bring a book to publication. There was music from my son, and a meditation to guide people to find their own white wolf within. There was love, and laughter, a lot of laughter.

There was also pain. In the book there is a sacrifice that takes place, and so there was with the publication of White Wolf Within. I had not met Vivienne Ainslie, my wonderful publisher, until the day of the launch. All our meetings had been on zoom. I knew she was ill, and literally until five minutes before the start, I did not know if she would be able to make it.She did.

I had not realised though, just how ill Viv was, perhaps nor did she. Days after the event Viv was hospitalised and critically ill. She had sacrificed her own well-being in order to bring this book to publication on time and attend the launch. Viv spent months in hospital battling indescribable pain and discomfort. Her recovery is ongoing.

To be your White Wolf Within, is to show love, courage, loyalty, amongst other attributes. I have been humbled by how much love, courage and loyalty Viv gave not just to my writing, but to the memory of Belle, my beloved companion, the inspiration for Luna, and White Wolf Within.

I truly wish, more than anything, that one day I may repay Viv’s faith in my writing and that we both get to see White Wolf Within make the bestseller’s charts, or even become a film. But if neither happen, it doesn’t matter. The magic was there in that room. The magic is there in the pages. The magic is there in the love and friendship that exists between us.

Love is magic. Friendship is magic. Believe in both.

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