A New Year for Eve

A New Year for Eve

By Dawn Bramwell

A Magic of Maypoleton Book

About the book

I am often asked, “Are you Eve?” I would say that for women of a certain age, there is perhaps a little of Eve in all of us. When she discovers her marriage has been built on a lie, she sets about mending her heart in a rebellious and reckless way that devastates her family, and shocks the residents of the the village of Maypoleton.

But Maypoleton is no ordinary place, just as Eve is no ordinary woman. Magic and mystery lay buried beneath the quiet facade, waiting for someone like Eve to uncover a long hidden secret and a tragic romance. When Eve falls in love again, she risks losing more than just her heart, she risks losing her life and possibly her soul.

Prejudice, betrayal, anger and forgiveness are key themes explored with this book in a very subtle way.A New Year For Eve is funny, touching, quirky, a deeply moving ghost story and very sexy - chapter 4 seems to be a favourite!

One of the five star Amazon reviews says, “A beautiful and supernatural page turner which is steamy and haunting all at once.”

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