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Children of the Valley

By Dawn Bramwell

Awaiting publication

About the book

After defeating the Darkness, Joe and his friends are enjoying their school summer holidays. But the return of the Watchers means that there is more evil yet to come. Surely though, this is not going to be a problem? After all, Joe is now fully immersed in his role as Guardian Of The Valley. Or is he?

As Joe develops his gift and powers, he is faced with an inner personal battle. A new head teacher creates division once more in his life, and in the midst of this conflict, a terrible series of tragedies occur, breaking Joe’s heart and shattering his world. How can he possibly come back from this?

A real test of faith and a war of wills ensues, a battle to decide which path to walk, light or dark. Joe’s adversary has a human face this time, but is just as evil as the Darkness. Can Joe make everyone else in the Valley see what they are blind to? And will he be able to do so before more tragedy occurs?

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