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Daughter Of Samhain

By Dawn Bramwell

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About the book

In Daughter Of Samhain, Maypoleton is revisited, this time by the troubled Fae Winters. Fae has just turned thirty and is on a self destruct mission, determined to blot out the pain and guilt she feels over her the death of her sister, her twin. One stormy January night, she is saved from an attack by a thrillingly enigmatic stranger.

Fate has brought them together, just as fate takes Fae back to her roots in Maypoleton. Her arrival in the village is the catalyst for the discovery of grisly remains in the vicarage grounds. As Fae battles her personal demons, and fights against the heartbreak of rejection from the man she loves, she unwittingly stirs up centuries old emotions and desire for revenge from the ghost whose remains she has uncovered.

Daughter of Samhain is a story of guilt and loss, of rejection and betrayal, and of twin flame passion. It is provocative and challenging in places.It is sexy and heartbreaking. It for anyone who believes in soul connections.

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