Guardian of the Valley

Guardian of the Valley

By Dawn Bramwell

Age 10+ scary thriller

About the book

Twelve year old Joe Clovelly lives in a remote rural community and has a lot to cope with. His father was killed in an accident that left his younger sister deaf and mute.His mother is a witch and therefore an outcast in the Valley. But all of this changes when the Watchers appear in Joe’s life, two magical, and very naughty ancient spirits.The Watchers tell him that he has been chosen to be the Guardian of The Valley.

The task is to save the Valley from the evil Darkness which once let loose is intent on devouring as many souls as it possibly can. If Joe fails, then all will perish and an eternity of hell awaits. No pressure there then! Guardian of The Valley addresses, bullying, prejudice, and suicide, but it is also full of magic, laughter and friendship.Guardian of The Valley is the first in a trilogy featuring Joe and the Watchers.

A five star review from an adult reader on Amazon says, “Love, love, love, this book. Started reading it just after New Year and couldn’t put it down!”

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